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Turkey and Syria has been through a terrible earthquake which has caused incredible damage and dislocation.

In such, together, we have partnered to make a difference in peoples lives housing people, enabling kids to go back to school, relocating them, together lives have been changed and people have come into faith in Jesus.

So many lives have been and continue to be impacted by your generosity.


At the same time the Earthquake happened we were about to launch an appeal to ask our friends and family in the Lord to support what will be life changing not only now but into the future. 

As a sensitivity and to focus on the immediate we did not, however it is important we continue to position for the long term.

As such, we are aiming to establish a model and revenue positive environment to help the local believing community thrive and sustain beyond ourselves.

We are launching...


It is this platform and the ongoing platforms it will help create that will bring ongoing sustainability and credibility well beyond ourselves.


The Hub and Cafe is a community centred venue with a Cafe that will facilitate a myriad of community engagement activities and enable the local believing community to gain stability, longevity and a effectiveness.

It will be a place where people find friends for life and life forever.

From a financial point of view, our goal is that it becomes revenue positive, bring ongoing benefit well beyond itself and the initial location.


These are present initiatives that will centre in the venue.

- Exchange – Language and Cultural Community

- Izmir Rugby League / Cricket / Spike Ball Office and activities

- Cultural Exchange Nights -

- Refugee Care and Training

- Community meetings

- Student care and community

Additional initiatives that are planned

- Entrepreneurs Collective – The Innovation Incubator

- Co-Work / Student study nooks – silent section

- Home Sosyal Club (movie nights, spoke word, music events)

- Music and Arts Events

- Seminars – business / networking / innovation etc.

- Book Club (English . Turkish . Persian . Ukrainian . Arabic . Russian)

Each of these community initiatives allow us connect with, serve and create community and credibility but additionally play part in the financial viability and sustainability of this venture.

Additionally, these initiatives, can be added to through other community groups creating an even wider network.


Increasingly permanence in Turkey is a difficult prospect. This business will ultimately allow Work / Business visas and a greater flexibility so far as new cities, locations and venues.

The goal is that this will also simply be the first in a wider group of local venues across Turkey and the Middle East.

Whilst we have secured more security through home ownership, that is not the case for others. In the last 3 years, something like 70 percent of foreign workers have been removed from the country.



Our venue is honestly an amazing yet challenging opportunity. Two floors with significant outdoor space that allows both a thriving café and community environment with space downstairs for community association offices, a foyer, a small dance centre and a sound proof performance community space (previously a medium size recording studio)

This is a unique space in that multiple community and / or business groups can operate at the same time with privacy.

The total venue space is over 300m2 over 2 levels (Ground and below ground)

We will post some additional photos and videos very soon.


The venue is located strategically 7 minutes walk from one of the largest public transport interchanges making it accessible for events. Additionally, it is 1 minute from a multilevel car park.


GOAL: Raise 50 thousand AUD.

We understand that partnering with us in this manner seems a little unusual. However, this will be a partnership that aims to reproduce in an ongoing regard.

Our family have been saving everything we can to help make this happen, our home Church has helped cover the first years rent to help bring stability, yet we are only part way there.

This is a platform and initiative that will reproduce additional finance for kingdom purposes, create an ongoing community space, building platforms of purpose, create a new sense of home for those rejected by family and community due to their faith in Jesus. It will produce a reproducible model and vehicle to move into regions and nations that otherwise and difficult to enter.

The HUB UNDERGROUND component in particular is crucial to a secure and safe environment to engage the wider community and ‘bring them home’.

1. A one-off kingdom investment.

We are looking for 25 people, families, small group communities or churches to invest atleast $1000 AUD.

We are also looking for others to consider a once off smaller gift.

In doing so you will be kingdom investors.

The return is not primarily financial, although we will happily shout you a couple coffees if you have the opportunity to visit.

ALL PROFITS will be set aside to re-invest in a second location further east in Turkey. Our goal to continue this process.

In doing so, you will be enabling the building of a long-term platform in one of the world’s most unreached regions. This is not about overnight success but rather anchoring for long term fruitfulness.

For the purposes of transparency, we will also post our ongoing results, reinvestments and strategic community sponsorships for atleast three years.

2. Monthly support for 3 – 12 months


Would you like to buy a bag of coffee a month to help produce sustainable community engagement?

Would you like to cover a days wage for a staff member? (50 AUD, which includes insurance / super for them)


3. Buy a single item?

Buy a table? Chair?


Below is additional information on this project and vision. We truly believe in this initiative and as such want to ensure you have a chance to partner in making it happen.

If you would like to talk further please message us through the details below.


Bank Transfer

Bank: St George
Acc Name: J & A Reading

BSB:112908 Acc No. 456878330


If you wish, you can give direct into our Turkish accounts (AUD). This can be helpful. If you wish to do so, please contact us.


To give online via credit card please message us below


Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

Thanks for submitting!

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